Are you interested in donating to the Historical Society?

You can make a Cash Donations - Check or Paypal 

These donations are used for repairs to our buildings, and sometimes used to help with needed items for our events.

Do you have an Item the Historical Society might be interested in displaying and preserving?

Please call us to make arrangements for these donations.  These donations, come with a completed form showing a lot of information about the items if they are historical.

Can you donate your time to help the Historical Society?

We can always use volunteers, we need help with Spring/Fall Clean-ups, with events, and anything else that might interest you.

Do you have these types of items or skills that we have a need for?

Dry wall, help with electrical and plumbing,  old dresses and hats, etc.   Also in need of help repairing rooms inside the Playhouse.   

Would you like to support the Historical Society through our Brick Program?

We always have bricks for sale, however we can NOT order until we get at least 10 of them.  They can be commemorative  or whatever you would like them to be.  If interested please let us know.

Would you like to support the Historical Society through our Signage on the outside of the Village?

We also have space for rent on our fence to advertise your business.  If interested please let us know and we would be glad to explain our process to you.